Offshore and shipbuilding







Through the Antarctic on the ship "Polarstern"

The radio remote control operates the crane on the scientific research vessel "Polarstern" of the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine research securely and reliably even under most extreme environmental conditions , such as arctic temperatures and adverse wind and weather conditions.

This describes the advantages of a Gross-Funk radio remote control best.


photo: Lars Grübner, Alfred-Wegener-Institut

photo: Lars Grübner, Alfred-Wegener-Institut


radio remote controls in the field of shipbuilding

Bridge crane with magnet traverse which feeds and loads a plasma cutting line in a big European shipyard.




These requirements are fulfilled by our radio remote control
- stepless crane functions
- 95 digital transmitting channels
- 7 feedback channels with LED
- Program for automatic selection of parts
- emergency power supply management ensures safety in case of a power outage
- focussing on safety










Signaling system for shipyards

In this shipyard where lucurious ships are built the Gross-Funk signaling system informs about dangers such as fast winds at all places on the dockyard where this piece of information is needed..
Wind alarms are processed automatically due to integrated wind sensors. But several other kinds of alarms can be triggered manually.
All singalling system devices are being autocyclically monitored.



Radio remote control for the "Meerkatze"

The "Meerkatze", a coast guard ship which fulfills special duties uses the radio remote control system of Gross-Funk.






the long-boat can be launched using the crane without the need to stop the ship.