Stage equipment

Stage trolley

To be used on stages for the perfect changing of scenes

  • steer and drive with one lever
  • very sensitive and safe drive with the remote control
  • turns on the spot
  • easy to transport (weighs only 70kg)
  • carries loads up to 1 ton

Bühnenwagen in Aktion

The stage trolley during a show at the SHOWTECH in Berlin
with integrated smoke mashine


Further information about our stagetrolley will you find HERE.

Optional special funktions:

  • the tandem controller with a master transmitter controls two stage trolleys simultaneously or separately
  • automatic tracing of lines, unidirectional oder bidirectional


Safety package:

  • the collision sensor consisting of protective bumpers stops the stage trolley immediately when hit
  • in case the stage edge is overrun, one of the 4 stage edge sensors stops the trolley immediately

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