Building Industry

Robust and Universal on All Construction Sites Around the World

Our large radio systems feel at home in the construction industry. More than 30 years ago, the first Gross-Funk radio remote control „moved in“ on a construction crane. Meanwhile we control cranes of all kinds, wheel loaders, excavators, tracked vehicles, drilling rigs, pile drivers and much more in the most diverse areas of application on construction sites worldwide. It does not matter which tasks have to be accomplished, whether demolition or construction work, with the robust systems from GrossFunk you can be sure that you are up to any task.
Our experienced employees in this segment are in a position to use our systems to optimize even outdated construction machines for new challenges and to bring them into the new millennium in terms of operating comfort and safety.
  • Meets the requirements of all common construction machine standards with regard to functional safety

  • Control your machine safely outside the danger zone

  • Robust design

  • Can be operated with gloves

  • Safe and reliable

  • Systems for retrofitting