Industry Applications

Safe Working Included

Use our systems to manage your storage system in a space- and cost-optimized way. Command data is transmitted via radio to your existing warehouse PLC system. For the connection to your system you can choose be- tween different field bus variants as well as serial, digital or analogue interfaces. In order to process huge quantities of freight goods on time and in due time and to pick them for further transport, the international air freight centre in Frankfurt, among others, trusts in our products. Gross-Funk also offers a comprehensive and intelligent solution for this with specially developed software.
Control your machines safely and ergonomically in set-up mode, during production and during service and maintenance with one of the many operating devices designed for a wide variety of applications.
Do you only want to monitor important information or do you also want to carry out measures at the appropriate location by means of feedback on the basis of the information re- ceived? Do you aspire to monitor not only one plant, but sev- eral at the same time? Gross-Funk has the appropriate solutions ready for you.
  • Transmission of command data to the machine and of measured values and status messages back to the operator

  • Connection via various fieldbus variants as well as serial, digital or analog interfaces

  • Multi-transmitter and multi-receiver operation possible