Receiver top-hat rail R98

The safety radio for the control cabinet

Snap it on, wire it, done!

  • universally applicable
  • top hat rail mountable
  • can be used as transmitter, receiver and transceiver
  • optional extension modules also top hat rail mountable
  • serial interface
  • bus capable (CAN, Profibus, Interbus and many more)
IP protection class IP65
Power supply (pls. Indicate in your order) 12/24V DC, 230V AC
Automatic 12/24V switch
Safety up to PLe
Connection type screw-in terminals
Standard = √   Optional = Ο
Emergency stop (redundant)
Number of digital functions (relays/contactless) Ο
Number of digital functions per extra modul (relays/contactless) Ο
Number of digital inputs (optoinsulated) Ο
Number of analog inputs Ο
Number of digital inputs per extra module Ο
Max. resolution for the analogue outputs 10bit
Serial interfaces resp. Supported Bus system technology (already on board) CAN, CANopen
Serial interfaces resp. Supported Bus system technology (optionally) Profibus, Profinet, Modbus, MPI
Extendable Ο
Frequency switching Ο
Reflektomat Ο
Transceiver (bi-direction, radio path) Ο
Multiple transmitting operation Ο
Multiple receiving operation (tandem operation) Ο
Dimensions (LxWxH mm) (plus attachment) 172x112x35
Weight (ca. depending on equipment) 450g
Operating temperature -20 bis 60°C
Housing type plastic, profile rail installation