Receiver R60 CANopen

The receiver for your CANopen interface

  • robust and solid design
  • can be combined with all GF transmitter types
  • optional as transceiver for bidirectional transmission (data feedback)
  • optional expansion modules
  • Inputs and outputs vary according to customer-specific requirements. Details upon request.
IP protection class IP65
Power supply (pls. Indicate in your order) 12/24V DC
Automatic 12/24V switch
Safety up to PL e
Connection type Terminal
Standard = √   Optional = Ο
Emergency stop (redundant)
Number of digital functions (relays/contactless) Ο
Number of digital inputs (optoinsulated) Ο
Serial interfaces resp. Supported Bus system technology (already on board) CAN, CANopen
Frequency switching Ο
Reflektomat Ο
Transceiver (bi-direction, radio path) Ο
Multiple transmitting operation Ο
Multiple receiving operation (tandem operation) Ο
Dimensions (LxWxH mm) (plus attachment) 220x120x80/90
Weight (ca. depending on equipment) 2000 g
Operating temperature -20 bis 60°C
Housing type die-cast aluminium