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Individuality at the Highest Level

Design your transmitter casing and much more with us

In many conversations with our customers, we have been able to establish that, in addition to basic needs such as safety and quality, the desire for individuality is becoming increasingly prominent. In this respect, we have been offering our customers the opportunity to unfold and give free rein to their creativity for years. Gross-Funk now offers you a further option, which enables you to raise your products to a new level of individuality.

Using our state-of-the-art 3D printing, we can provide you with customized products to meet your specific needs. All 3D-printed products meet the highest standards of safety and quality. Work with us to design your new product and make it your new standard product using fonts and colour aspects.

Together with Gross-Funk, nothing stands in your way of customizing your products perfectly to your needs.

Gehäuse Design