Mecanum Drive

Our Mecanum stage wagon is technically on the highest level and is a helper for every situation

  • Move from any position in any direction
  • Rotate on the spot
  • High thrust
  • Powerful drive with 4 DC motors
  • Safe radio remote control
  • Sensitive control characteristics
  • Programmable autonomy drive
  • Intelligent sequence management for archiving and managing
  • Combined drive with several stage wagons possible

With our modern and comfortable operating concept, you can easily perform every maneuver without long training.

Let the color display show you various information such as driving programs, speed or status messages in a clearly visible and structured way.

By means of different driving programs you can carry out simple procedures directly without any exercises.

With a very sensitive 3-axis-joystick you are able to perform all movements precisely.

Safety is the top priority at Gross-Funk. To this end, our stage wagons are also equipped with a safe emergency stop, which ensures that the stage wagon stops immediately when actuated.