Pulse-Transmitter T30

The GF-T30 is the all-rounder that gives you the flexibility for your application.

  • robust and solid design
  • arrangement of the control elements according to your wishes
  • freely selectable labeling in many languages and/or with symbols
  • ergonomic design
  • can be combined with all Gross-Funk receivers depending on the application
Standard = √ Optional = Ο
IP protection class IP65
Transmitter power 10mW Ο
Transmitter power 100mW Ο
Frequency range 433/434 MHz Ο
Frequency range 868 MHz Ο
Standard = √   Optional = Ο
Emergency stop switch Ο
Joystick Ο
Masterswitch 1-u. 2-axial Ο
Toggle switch Ο
Button (1- 2-steps) Ο
Potentiometer Ο
Rotary switch Ο
Membrane keyboard Ο
LED 3/5 and 8 mm Ο
Audible signal generator Ο
Frequency Ο
Transceiver (bi-direction radio path) Ο
Multiple transmitting operation Ο
Tandem operation Ο
Stand-By Automatic Ο
Illuminated panel display Ο
Battery 2 copies included with the transmitter
Voltage 12V
Battery life depending on use max. 10h
Recharge Connector variants for:
Dimensions (LxWxH mm) (if necessary plus attachment) 260x170x185
Weight (approx. depending on equipment) 2000g
Operation temperature -20 bis 60°C
Standard = √   Optional = Ο
Videodisplay Ο
LCD Display 2×8 characters/ Ο

2×16 characters/ Ο

4×20 characters/ Ο

Display 2,8″ QVGA (320×240) TFT / Ο

(320×240) TFT, Transreflektiv / Ο

Display 4,3″ WQVGA, Transreflektiv Ο
LED 7-Segment display Ο